The Ames family mansion came to be in 1905. "In 1905, Frederick Lothrop Ames built his estate, which he called "Stone House Hill House." It included: a 50-room mansion; a gymnasium which housed a glassed roofed indoor clay tennis court and a marble swimming pool; a squash court; a garage; a conservatory; barns and maintenance buildings. The half-mile driveway from the main gate to the mansion was lined with rhododendrons imported from England"(Tourangeau). 

Frederick Lothrop Ames was the son of Oliver Jr. and Sarah Ames. He was born in 1835 when Oliver Ames & Sons was doing very well financially. Frederick Lothrop took over the family business. He was greatly involved in railroad affairs. He was a director in the Western Union Telegraph Company, the Union Pacific Railway Company, the Missouri Pacific, the Texas Pacific, the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad Companies (Chaffin, 651). His name is affiliated with many positions. The mansion he built on the Ames estate still stands today as Donahue Hall on the Stonehill College campus.